Prosciutto Toscano DOP

In Tuscany, men, animals and plants have a form, a language, a sentiment, they have colours and joy to express. It is our passion for history and traditions that drives every action, whether large or small, and the process of creation is always transformed into a “ceremony”.

Pig breeding in Tuscany has a very long history and our processed meats and cold cuts are genuine, tasteful and savoury, characteristics that reveal their excellent quality. Our meat processing tradition probably developed in the early Middle Ages, even from the times of Charlemagne. In the winter months Tuscan farmers would slaughter their pigs, fattened with loving care for the entire year, and process the meat so that it could be kept for the family to eat.

The whole process was something of a feast, in which genuineness, taste and flavour achieved remarkable levels of excellence. However, it was in the 15th century, at the time of the Medici, that specifications were introduced for the entire production process. Thanks to its flavour and aroma, Prosciutto Toscano DOP is inimitable, but the success of this ham lies first and foremost in the perfect climate for the maturing process, thanks to the light winds, from land and sea, that blow across a territory protected from the cold northerly winds by the Apennine Mountains. Its delicate flavour is masterfully enriched with the typical special maquis herbs of Tuscany, comprising lentisk, myrtle and juniper, the secret ingredients of the prosciutto producers. This simple authenticity of Tuscan products, which the entire world acknowledges us, is true also of our hams.