Certifying the European Excellence

To protect the specificity of certain foods, the European Union has launched a set of rules and created two labels: DOP (PDO – Protected Designation of Origin) and IGP (PGI – protected geographical indication) with a view to safeguarding both the name of each labelled product and its specific nature and characteristics from imitation and abuse, besides supporting production and helping consumer choice, with regard to quality agricultural products and foodstuffs, by providing information and guarantees about their principal features and qualities. 

DOP – Protected Designation of Origin 

Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) is a European scheme – and relevant logo – for protecting regional foods with characteristics that essentially depend on the area in which they are produced. The geographical environment includes both natural (the climate and other environmental characteristics) and human (production techniques handed down through time, skills, capabilities) factors which, combined, result in a unique product that cannot be reproduced outside that specific area. For a product to receive the PDO (DOP) status, in fact, it must be exclusively prepared, processed and produced within a determined geographical area, in accordance with strict product specifications, under the oversight of an independent supervisory body.