Wash the potatoes and the beans and then break the bean’s edges.
Boil the potatoes and the beans separately.
Peel the potatoes and disc cut 3 millimeters thick slices. Disc cut the eggs. Divide tomatoes into segments and pit the olives.
Prepare the vinaigrette sauce blending all the ingredients. Use the vinaigrette to season the potatoes, beans, and tomatoes one at a time.
Divide the Pecorino into segments.
Creatively arrange the vegetables on the dish and then garnish them with the remaining ingredients and the pecorino.


Potatoes g 1000
Beans g 600
Red tomatoes g 800
Black olives
Hard-boiled eggs 5
Anchovy filets
Fresh Pecorino Toscano DOP g 600

The Vinaigrette sauce

  • Tuscan oil PGI g 190
  • Vinegar g 60
  • Salt and pepper to taste